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If you’ve walked through the hole in the fence to short-cut across the train tracks in the mid-July or August sun you know what I’m talking about….Nature is pissed. **** wild parsnip and the boat it rode in on.

Approx. 8” x 10”

2 colour risograph print (yellow and black) on 100lb warm white eggshell finish paper.

Printed in Montreal (park-x) by Sophie at NOGLOSS @nogloss.riso



Originating in Japan in 1980 a risograph is a screen printer that looks like a photocopier. Using stencils the risograph rolls paper over an ink drum in the machine one or two colours at a time with different opacities. 

Using soy based inks, risograph printing results in a hand-printed, unique texture and tactile finish with each print having its own flaws and characteristics.

The ink sits on TOP of the paper, so it can be prone to smudging if it is handled a lot (kinda like newspaper) so handle with care!

Risograph printing is cool, and I have fun making these prints. It's always exciting and new because I never know exactly how it’s going to turn out like dropping off a roll of film.

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